Frequently Asked Questions

Office of Arts and Culture

Q: How and when do I apply for a grant?

The annual grants program guidelines and application materials are available in the spring of each year. Downloadable applications are available from the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture (POAC) web site. First-time applicants should contact Dwight Walth, Director of Grants Services and Community Initiatives at 602-495-0188;

Q: My organization does not have nonprofit (501c3)status. Can I still apply for a grant?

No, we are not accepting applications from organizations without 501c3, or from organizations using a fiscal agent.  Ineligible organizations can participate as a project partner with an eligible organization.

Q: Can I submit more than one grant application?

No, organizations are limited to one application. There is an exception for organizations that qualify for the Rental Support Program. These organizations can submit in the Rental Support category and one other category.

Q: My organization is not based in Phoenix. Can I still get a grant?

Organizations not based in the city of Phoenix are eligible to apply in the Festival or Arts Education categories.  However, the proposed project activities must take place in the city of Phoenix and serve Phoenix residents. 

Q: Is it possible to have Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture staff assist me with my proposal?

Staff will be happy to review a draft of your application and can sometimes direct you to resources to help you develop your project. New applicants are strongly encouraged to contact staff to discuss your application. Be sure to contact staff several weeks in advance of the application deadline, though, as staff availability becomes limited as the application deadline approaches. Contact Dwight Walth, Director of Grant Services and Community Initiatives at 602-495-0188 to schedule a review.

Q: Who determines whether my proposal is funded or not?

Grant proposals are reviewed by a panel that is comprised of artists, arts professionals, educators and community laypersons, each representing different points of view and various cultural orientations. The panel discusses each proposal before assigning a ranking based on criteria specific to each grant category. The ranking determines whether or not the application is funded and the level of funding that it receives.  The panel meetings are open to the public and applicants are encouraged to attend the meeting to hear the review of their application and other applications in the category.

Q: Can I be a panelist?

Yes! The POAC seeks knowledgeable, fair-minded and responsible individuals to serve as grant review panel members. The POAC maintains a database of individuals interested in serving on grant review panels. If you're interested in serving as a panelist, complete a Panelist Information Form.

Q: Are there any resources available to help me plan and develop a grant proposal?

The POAC has several resources on the web site designed to assist applicants in identifying artists, arts organizations, communities, space, and technical assistance opportunities. We also have an archive of past funded projects.

Q: Are there any funding restrictions?

Grant funds cannot be used for:

  • Construction or renovation of facilities
  • Feasibility studies
  • Capital expenditures
  • Reduction of debts
  • Receptions
  • Lobbying expenses
  • Fundraising projects
  • Scholarship programs
  • Staff salaries
  • Membership dues or fees

Q: When does my proposed project need to take place to be eligible for funding?

Funded activities cannot begin prior to July 1, 2014 and must conclude no later than June 30, 2015.