Cultural Data Project

Office of Arts and Culture

Arizona Cultural Data Project

The Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture is a participating partner and Task Force member of the Arizona Cultural Data Project (AZCDP), a sophisticated user-friendly, online system designed to build capacity and streamline financial reporting to funders, board members, potential donors and advocates for nonprofit arts and cultural organizations.  Created by a collaborative partnership of public and private funders and advocacy organizations, AZCDP is part of a national model for data collection for the arts and cultural sector.  Organizations, funders and researchers alike will have access to the best data available as reported by the organizations themselves, at no cost to participating organizations.   

By collecting and disseminating comprehensive, high-quality longitudinal data that supports fact-based decision making, AZCDP:

  • helps arts and cultural organizations improve their financial management and services to their communities
  • enables researchers, advocates and policymakers to better tell the story of the sector's assets, contributions and needs
  • helps funders more effectively plan for and evaluate their individual and collective grantmaking activities

Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture grant applications in the General Operating Support and Rental Support Program grant categories require AZCDP reports generated by the applicant.

To access AZCDP, create an organizational profile and enter data, follow this link.