Office of Arts and Culture

Arts Education Grants for Organizations supports projects or programs that promote life-long learning in the arts and assist in the partnership between organizations, schools and communities.

Currently funded projects:

Act One Foundation
Project Title: Field Trips for Students in all Voting Districts

Support to cover ticket cost and provide bus transportation to an educational performing arts/cultural institution for one K-12 Title 1 class in each of the eight City of Phoenix Council Districts. Act One will work with partnering arts organizations to ensure that there is an educational study guide that corresponds to the arts learning opportunity and Arizona's College and Career Ready Standards.

Center Dance Ensemble
Project Title: Snow Queen Field Trips 2013

Support to underwrite the costs of student tickets for Snow Queen performances, allowing schools to attend regardless of their economic standing. A total of 16 field trip performances for schools will be offered at Herberger Theater Center on weekday mornings. So teachers can integrate the experience into their classroom, lesson plans will be provided to each school, along with a study guide and a complimentary copy of the book "The Snow Queen." The project seeks to serve a minimum of 3,500 students from as many as 35 schools.

Jazz in Arizona, Inc.
Project Title: The Nash Improvisation Workshops

Support for artist's fees and promotional materials for a project designed to help students learn, apply, and practice approaches to improvisation, so that they can solo creatively and competently as a foundation for creative expression through jazz. Participants will be able to practice and perform melodic and rhythmic improvisations using techniques and approaches within teach specified guidelines. Workshops are open and suitable to student musicians of all ages. Enrollment is anticipated to be 6-12 students per 4 session course, for a total of 24-48 students served.

Phoenix Center for the Arts
Project Title: City Jazz

Support for artist's fees for City Jazz, a jazz ensemble offered at the Center for students in junior and senior high school. Participating students will attend weekly classes/rehearsals where they will play and discuss Jazz, and learn about the history and evolution of the form. The Center provides all of the instruments and the sheet music. Most students will have no out-of-pocket expenses. Participants primarily come from downtown and South Phoenix. The project expects to serve 10-15 youth.

Phoenix Chamber Music Society
Project Title: PCMS Master Classes with ASA

Support for artist's fees to provide master classes to students at the Arizona school for the Arts, using artists who will be performing in the 2013-2014 PCMS season. A minimum of 5 master classes will take place between October 2013 and March 2014, exposing young talent to universally-renowned music artists. Through the master classes, students will learn to improve their technique on piano or string or wind instruments. All master classes will be held at the Arizona School for the Arts, or a place designated by them, and will last one to one and a half hours.

Phoenix Children's Chorus
Project Title: Music Literacy

Project Description: Support for instructor's fees to teach music literacy for the Phoenix Children's Chorus. The curriculum consists of 13 music literacy classes aligned to the ability of the choir member. Choristers will take a pre-test to determine placement. In all, 10 levels of literacy will be taught to approximately 300 choir members. Choristers will get training they need to identify pitches, intervals, rhythms and choral sight singing techniques. Classes will run through the choir season.

Release the Fear
Project Title: Inside-Out Bridging Possibilities Workshop

Support for artist's fees and supplies for four 3-day workshops designed to awaken participants to new possibilities and new life purposes, leading to improved life skills. As we stimulate creative consciousness, we expose the participants to endless possibilities of critical thinking, problem solving, and self-empowerment to combat violence and bullying and options through experiential artistic activities emphasizing the creative process of whole-brain thinking.