City Auditor Department

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The Department provides independent and objective feedback to assist City management in meeting organizational objectives, efficiently and ethically managing public assets, and reducing the organization's risk. 




The Department's primary service is to conduct audits of departments, programs and contractors citywide.  Audit reports provide independent and objective feedback, as well as recommendations to reduce operational and financial risks and to promote efficient use of City resources.  The Department also manages the external contract for the Federal Single Audit and the City Financial Statement Audit required by federal law and City Charter, respectively.

Management Services

The Department provides a variety of consulting services, including cost model development, annual user fee cost recovery analysis, process and financial analysis, risk assessment and mitigation analyses, focus group facilitation for strategic planning, and customer feedback and problem solving.


The City Auditor is a member of the Integrity Committee.  The committee administers the "Integrity Line" process for receiving and investigating complaints of fraudulent activity and unethical behavior of City employees and contractors.


In accordance with City Code requirements, the Department conducts independent administrative hearings of utility billing protests, false alarm police response fees, loud party police response fees, and seized property possession claims.  The Department also conducts special hearings for Small Business Enterprise (SBE) certification and sanction appeals and ground transportation permit disputes.


Contact Information

City Auditor Department
Historic City Hall
17 S. Second Ave., Suite 200
Phoenix, AZ  85003
602-262-6641 (Phone)
602-534-1533 (Fax)

Email:  Phoenix City Auditor