Audit Reports

The City of Phoenix City Auditor Department conducts both audits and management services (also referred to as nonaudits) for internal clients.  Audit reports follow a standard format and distribution process and cite compliance with audit standards.  Management service projects may include activities such as cost model development, user fee cost recovery analysis, process and financial analyses, risk assessment and mitigation, focus group facilitation, and participation on city committees.  Management service reports are less formal, may be issued as emails or memos, and do not cite audit standards.  The following reports include all audits for the last twelve months as well as management service communications.

Title Date Issued
Access Management 3/6/14 6:25 AM
Accounting Standards Audit 12/12/13 6:33 AM
Accuracy Certification Board 8/30/13 8:57 AM
Ambulance Billing 5/20/13 8:47 AM
Annual User Fee Review 2/3/14 6:54 AM
Aviation Continuous Auditing 4/25/13 7:16 AM
Block Watch Process Review 2/19/14 6:55 AM
CNRP Project File Review 10/3/13 7:33 AM
COPERS Fund Reconciliation 6/10/13 6:36 AM
City Position Control 1/28/14 6:53 AM
Combined Continuous Auditing Report 3/25/14 6:26 AM
Combined Continuous Auditing Report 6/26/13 6:46 AM
Commercial Use Permit - Servisair 3/17/14 6:25 AM
Commercial Use Permit - Swissport Fueling, Inc. 12/23/13 6:36 AM
Comprehensive Annual Financial Audit - 6/30/12 12/21/12 2:23 PM
Comprehensive Annual Financial Audit - 6/30/13 12/20/13 6:35 AM
Contract Audit - A Mind for Detail 6/20/13 6:42 AM
Contract Audit - Ace Parking 7/15/13 6:38 AM
Contract Audit - Clean Energy 6/28/13 6:48 AM
Contract Audit - Clear Channel 9/27/13 8:59 AM