Budget at a Glance

Looking for a broad overview of the city's budget?

Below you will find a pictorial presentation of the city's current fiscal year operating budget using an interactive pie chart with navigation links. Our goal is to help readers quickly and easily understand how much is budgeted for a city program.

We invite you to explore this alternative view of the city’s Zero-Based Inventory of Programs budget document by clicking the Inventory of Services pie chart below. The pie chart will show you the current fiscal year budget by each department’s programs and services.

The Zero-Based Inventory of Programs budget document was implemented in response to the City Council’s request for a more transparent, relevant and detailed presentation of the city’s budget. The Inventory of Programs outlines costs, revenue, staffing levels, funding source, and other detail for more than 400 programs citywide. The Inventory of Programs presents the city’s budget by program, the key component of a Zero-Based Budget approach. The document is one element of a detailed and comprehensive presentation of the budget.

Navigation tips

When viewing a pie chart, clicking the blue navigation text will take you to a more detailed view of that area. This could be another pie chart or a specific program page. Each pie chart also has a gray navigation button to help you move through the document more efficiently.

The use of this interactive feature requires Adobe Reader. Readers may want to save and open the document in Adobe Reader to use the bookmark feature in the navigation pane on the screen's left-and side (second icon from the top). Each bookmark goes to a different view or page in the PDF document. Current and previous Inventory of Programs can be found under Annual Budget Books.  



Pie Chart 2

Inventory of Programs