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Thank you for visiting our website.  We’re committed to helping residents know how their tax dollars are allocated, making information transparent and understandable, and involving the community in our budget process.  As part of our continuing enhancements this site was redesigned to help you more easily find budget information, learn more about how the budget process works, and to participate.

City Manager’s 2014-15 Trial Budget
The City Manager’s Trial Budget, providing an initial proposal for the 2014-15 budget, was presented to the City Council on March 25.  It represents the beginning of the budget process for the City Council and community to review and provide input at budget hearings throughout the city in April.  The Trial Budget, which includes an updated Zero-Based Inventory of Programs document, will be presented to residents for input at community budget hearings, including an April 22 online, interactive hearing with the Mayor and City Manager. The budget tabloid, “Phoenix Budget for Community Review,” outlines the proposed service changes. It is available online in English and Spanish.  Hard copies are provided at senior centers, libraries, community centers and at budget hearings.  The city will conduct additional hearings at neighborhood and business organization meetings, reflecting the city’s goal to increase transparency and involvement in the budget-setting process.  On May 6, the City Council will receive a revised, balanced budget proposal that reflects priorities communicated by residents during the hearings, with Council action scheduled to take place on May 20.

Residents are invited to attend the hearings and offer input on the budget proposal.  We also offer the opportunity to submit statements via telephone, online comment form, email or paper correspondence. Our contact information is provided on this site.  Residents may also upload video comments on the budget using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by including #PhoenixBudget in the post.

2014-19 Preliminary Capital Improvement Program
The 2014-19 Preliminary Capital Improvement Program is also available for review.    

2013-14 Adopted Budget

The 2013-14 budget totals $3.503 billion citywide, including $1.128 billion in the General Fund.  The Phoenix 2013-14 Summary Budget outlines further information on the City budget, services to the community, and descriptions of major financial policies.  In 2013-14, the city is restoring and enhancing important community services in key areas such as police, fire, parks, libraries, street maintenance, bike lanes, after-school programs and others, reflecting the resident input received at 20 community budget hearings.  The 2013-14 budget also includes the highest ever contingency reserve fund and demonstrates a continued commitment to financial excellence.

We invite you to explore and become familiar with the features on our site.  If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us. For the most recent budget related documents refer to the Reports section. For the most recent revenue update refer to the General Fund revenue report.


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