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The City Clerk Department has a rich history of providing a comprehensive array of services to the public and internal city staff.  Below you can find an easy-to-use list of our most popular resources and tools.

Obtain a Public Record promoObtain a liquor or regulated business licenseInformation about annexations

Information about public meetingsInformation about boards and commissionsInformation about elections/recalls

Annexations:  602-256-3245
Boards and Commissions:  602-256-3186
Campaign Finance:  602-262-6837
City Council Meetings:  602-256-3186
     Other Public Meetings:  602-256-3186
City Limit Maps:  602-256-3245
Domestic Partnership Information:  602-262-6811
Election Information:  602-261-8683
Financial Disclosure:  602-262-6837
Initiative, Referendum, Recall:  602-262-6837
License Services (Regulatory Licenses):  602-262-4638
Lobbyist Information:  602-262-6811
Public Records Search:  602-262-6811

Contact Information
For more information about the City Clerk Department, call 602-262-6811 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday – Friday.    

City Clerk Department       Customer Counters
200 W. Washington St.      License Services, first floor 
Phoenix, AZ  85003            Elections & Official  Records, 15th floor

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