Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Does the City of Phoenix have or require a “general” business license?

A. No, the City of Phoenix does not have or require a “general” business license.  Only certain activities are regulated, and require a license/permit from the City of Phoenix.

Depending on your business activity/set-up you may need licenses/permits/approvals from the following City of Phoenix Departments:  

License Services:


Finance Department:


Planning and Development Department: Building & Zoning Permits

Parks & Recreation:  Permits for Events in City Parks & Streets

Fire Department:   Public Assembly & Tents/Canopy Permits

Police Department:   Alarm Business & Alarm Agent Permits

Film Office:  Film & Digital Media Permit

>> If you will also be conducting business in any surrounding cities, please check with each of those individual cities on any rules, regulations or requirements to conduct business there.

Other State/County licensing/permitting:

AZ Department of Liquor License & Control:  State Liquor License 

AZ Department of Revenue:  State Privilege Tax License  

AZ Corporation Commission:  Create/Register a Corporation or LLC

AZ Secretary of State:  Register a Trade Name 

Maricopa County Environmental Health:  Food Program Permits