Scrap Metal Dealers

Scrap Metal dealerScrap Metal Dealer: 

Scrap metal dealer means each person or business entity including all employees of the person or business entity, (except automotive recyclers as defined and licensed pursuant to title 28, chapter 10, and whose primary business is the dismantling, selling or disposing of parts or accessories of motor vehicles) engaged in the business of purchasing, trading, bartering or otherwise receiving secondhand or castoff material of any kind which is commonly known as scrap metal.

As of September 13, 2013, a new law is in effect that requires scrap metal recyclers to register their company with the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS).  To Register, go online to the DPS website and click on the “LeadsOnline Registration” link.

New Law - Preemption/Power of local authorities: The state legislature determined that the registration of scrap metal dealers is a matter of statewide concern. The power to register scrap metal dealers is preempted by the state.  [A.R.S. 44-1648(A)]. This change prevents the City of Phoenix from registering/licensing scrap metal dealers.  Therefore, the City of Phoenix no longer licenses scrap metal dealers. For more information, click here.



From other City of Phoenix Departments:

  arrowbulletBuilding or Use Permit(s) from the Planning & Development Department

From other State or County Agencies:

  arrowbulletState Privilege (Sales) Tax License
  arrowbulletRegistration of LLC/Corporation with the AZ Corporation Commission

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