Secondhand Dealers

Secondhand DealerWho/What Requires a License?

Secondhand Dealers: 

Any person who is engaged in conducting, managing, facilitating or carrying on the business of buying, selling, trading, exchanging, receiving on consignment or otherwise dealing in secondhand goods, wares, merchandise, or articles, whether such business be the principal or sole business so carried on, managed, or conducted or be merely incidental to, in connection with, or a branch or a department of some other business. 

Secondhand goods: means any new or used property that has been sold, traded, exchanged, consigned or otherwise disposed of by its original owner.



Application Packet & Process

License Renewal Information

License Information Update Form





From other City of Phoenix Departments:

  arrowbulletBuilding or Use Permit(s) from the Planning & Development Department
  arrowbulletPrivilege (Sales) Tax License from the Finance Department

From other State or County Agencies:

  arrowbulletState Privilege (Sales) Tax License
  arrowbulletRegistration of LLC/Corporation with the AZ Corporation Commission

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