vendingWho/What Requires a License?

Street Vending (Food and Non-Food): 

A person vending in the street. The word "street" includes any public road, highway, avenue, boulevard, alley and lane in Phoenix. For more information, click here. For information on vending on private property, see Mobile Vending. For information on vending on sidewalks, see Sidewalk Vending Downtown.

Mobile Vending (Food and Non-Food):

A person conducting a mobile vending operation on a specific parcel of private land. The license is issued to a specific mobile vendor (individual or business) to operate at a specific property/location and does not allow a mobile vendor to operate at multiple locations under the same license.  

Secondhand Dealers: 

A person engaged in conducting, managing, facilitating or carrying on the business of buying, selling, trading, exchanging, receiving on consignment or otherwise dealing in secondhand goods, wares, merchandise, or articles, whether such business be the principal or sole business so carried on, managed, or conducted or be merely incidental to, in connection with, or a branch or a department of some other business. 

Swap Meet Lots:

A building, structure, enclosure, lot or other area into which persons are admitted to display, exchange, barter, buy, sell or bargain for new or secondhand merchandise. 



Scrap Metal Dealers: 

A person engaged in the business of purchasing, trading, bartering or otherwise receiving secondhand or cast-off material of any kind, which is commonly known as scrap metal. Scrap Metal Dealers are required to register with the Department of Public Safety (DPS). For more information please review the DPS requirements.

Sidewalk Vending Downtown: 

Sidewalk vending is only allowed between Seventh Avenue and Seventh Street, from Fillmore to Jackson streets. Sidewalk vending sites are awarded annually by a bid process and require a license agreement contract with the city.  For more information, please review the Finance Department Bid Process.

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