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 This index includes notices of meetings of the City of Phoenix City Council, Council subcommittees, all city boards, commissions and committees.

The city's official bulletin board for posting notices is located on the ground floor at the west side of the Phoenix City Hall building, 200 W. Washington St., Phoenix, Arizona. The notices are viewable from the outside of the building (along Third Avenue), 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please be advised that only the City's official bulletin board may be relied on for official posting under Open Meeting Law.

This electronic information is provided as a public service and is updated daily, Monday - Friday.

These documents are provided in a downloadable (PDF) format for your convenience. To view the meeting notice, click on the title of that meeting.

If you have any question on the notices, please call (602) 256-3186 during normal business hours (Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.), or send an e-mail.

Date and Time Title
4/23/14 9:00 AM Phoenix City Council Parks,Arts,Transparency and Education Subcommittee-REVISED
4/23/14 2:30 PM City of Phoenix Employee's Retirement Board-Legal Review Committee
4/23/14 2:45 PM City of Phoenix City Council Meeting for Citizen Comment - CANCELLED
4/23/14 3:00 PM City of Phoenix City Council Formal Meeting - CANCELLED
4/23/14 4:15 PM Phoenix Mayor's Commission on Disability Issues-CANCELLED
4/23/14 6:00 PM Phoenix Sister Cities Prague Committee
4/24/14 8:30 AM Arts and Culture Commission General OperatingLevel II Grant Review Panel
4/24/14 9:00 AM Zoning Adjustment Hearing - REVISED
4/24/14 9:51 AM City of Phoenix Bicycle Initiatives Subcommittee - CANCELLED
4/24/14 11:00 AM Arizona Municipal Water Users Association Board of Directors
4/24/14 11:00 AM Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Oversight Committee
4/24/14 5:00 PM Phoenix Sister Cities Board of Directors
4/24/14 5:00 PM Parks and Recreation Board
4/25/14 8:30 AM Arts and Culture Commission General Operating Support Level I Grant Review Panel
4/28/14 1:15 PM Rehabilitation Appeals Board
4/28/14 6:00 PM Ahwatukee Foothills Village Planning Committee
4/28/14 6:00 PM Rio Vista Village Planning Committee
4/29/14 8:30 AM Arts and Culture Commission Arts Education Grant Review Panel
4/29/14 2:30 PM Phoenix City Council Policy Session - CANCELLED
4/30/14 8:30 AM Phoenix Arts and Culture Commission Festival Grant Review Panel
4/30/14 2:45 PM Phoenix City Council Meeting for Citizen Comment
4/30/14 3:00 PM City of Phoenix City Council Formal Meeting
5/1/14 9:00 AM Zoning Adjustment Hearing
5/1/14 12:00 PM Board of Adjustment - CANCELLED
5/1/14 1:00 PM City Manager's Representative Hearing Hillside Grading Waiver
5/6/14 5:00 PM Sister Cities Commission Disabilities Awareness Committee
5/7/14 6:30 PM Desert View Village Planning Committee