Monthly Financial Report

The Monthly Financial Report presents the city's operations for the month and for the fiscal year-to-date.  Included are breakdowns of the city's revenues, operating budget expenditures, capital budget expenditures and bonds authorized and sold. Also presented are summarized comparisons of the year-to-date balance to the fiscal year budget and to the actual results for the prior year.


Current Fiscal Year 2014Prior Fiscal Year 2013Prior Fiscal Year 2012
July 2013July 2012 
August 2013August 2012 
September 2013September 2012 
 October 2013October 2012October 2011
 November 2013November 2012November 2011
 December 2013December 2012December 2011
January 2014January 2013January 2012
 February 2014February 2013February 2012
 March 2013March 2012
 April 2013April 2012
 May 2013May 2012
 June 2013June 2012