Formal Meetings

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The Phoenix City Council takes official action at "formal" Council meetings, held Wednesdays at 3:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, 200 West Jefferson St. Ordinances and resolutions, the laws of Phoenix, and formal actions are officially enacted or rejected at these meetings. The information below reflects the last ten meetings conducted.  These documents are provided in a downloadable (PDF) format for your convenience.

DateNotesAgendaAdd-on PacketBack-up ReportsResultsMinutesVideo
04/16/143:00 p.m. Start Timepdf_icon pdf_icon   pdf_icon  pdf_icon Watch Now
04/02/143:00 p.m. Start Timepdf_icon pdf_icon    pdf_icon  pdf_icon Watch Now
03/19/143:00 p.m. Start Timepdf_icon  pdf_icon  pdf_icon  pdf_icon   Watch Now 
02/26/143:00 p.m. Start Timepdf_icon pdf_icon   pdf_icon  pdf_icon  Watch Now
02/19/143:00 p.m. Start Timepdf_icon pdf_icon   pdf_icon pdf_icon  pdf_iconWatch Now
02/05/143:00 p.m. Start Timepdf_icon  pdf_icon pdf_icon pdf_icon   pdf_iconWatch Now
01/29/143:00 p.m. Start Timepdf_icon  pdf_icon pdf_icon   pdf_iconWatch Now
01/15/143:00 p.m. Start Timepdf_icon  pdf_iconpdf_icon   pdf_icon  pdf_iconWatch Now
12/18/133:00 p.m. Start Timepdf_icon  pdf_icon  pdf_icon  pdf_icon  pdf_iconWatch Now
12/04/133:00 p.m. Start Timepdf_icon pdf_icon pdf_icon pdf_icon  pdf_iconWatch Now 
11/20/133:00 p.m. Start Timepdf_iconpdf_iconpdf_iconpdf_icon pdf_iconWatch Now 
11/06/133:00 p.m. Start Timepdf_iconpdf_iconpdf_iconpdf_icon pdf_iconWatch Now