City Celebrates $59M in Innovation and Efficiency Savings; Announces $100M Goal

Oct. 23, 2012

City Hall Obelisk with StarburstThe Phoenix Mayor and City Council, private sector members of the Innovation and Efficiency Task Force, city management and employees celebrated the Task Force’s accomplishments at today’s City Council meeting.  In less than three years, the savings level has grown to $59.7 million, with a new goal now set for $100 million by December 2015.  

"Phoenix’s Innovation and Efficiency efforts are leading the way nationally,” said Mayor Greg Stanton.  "Saving in so many ways means we have more money to fund crucial programs like police, fire, parks, libraries and senior centers.  Our programs demonstrate smart government in action.”  

City Manager David Cavazos established the Innovation and Efficiency (I&E) Task Force in December 2009, with private sector members and city executives serving together.  Also, the Mayor and City Council supported creation of a new Council Subcommittee chaired by Councilman Bill Gates.  Ideas flow through the Task Force to the subcommittee and then to the full City Council.

“Working with our private sector volunteers, we have come up with dozens of strategic ways to save taxpayer dollars,” said Gates.  “This is how government should work – with employees using resources in the best way possible, and the private sector helping us develop new ideas and strategies.”     

The city is aggressively pursuing increased savings and efficiencies, working toward the new $100 million goal in the next three years.  

“Innovative ideas and sound financial management are at the heart of what we do here at the city of Phoenix, and we will continue to find new ideas and solutions,” said Cavazos.  “The leadership from Mayor Stanton and Councilman Gates, the full City Council, our Task Force members and hard work from city staff have created a culture of innovation.”

The Task Force set new priorities this year, with Cavazos establishing workgroups in the following areas:  Communications, Process Improvement, Regional Public Partnerships, Right Sourcing and Technology.  

Highlights of recent I&E Task Force accomplishments include:

  • April 2012 Alliance for Innovation Award for Outstanding Achievement in Local Government Innovation.
  • Organizational Review – the third year of city departments looking closely at organizational structure and operations has resulted in removal of supervisory layers, increased span of control and the elimination of management positions at twice the rate of positions overall; in the first two reviews, the city saved $9.9 million.
  • Rightsourcing – Citywide outsourcing levels last fiscal year totaled about $477 million, a 38 percent increase from five years earlier.
  • Introduction of same-day collection of garbage and recycling, saving $2.3 million.
  • Water Efficiencies - $9 million in annual savings.
  • Employee Suggestion Program – millions of dollars in savings from employee ideas, including Water Services staff saving $3.4 million by spending only $15,000 to comply with a new Environmental Protection Agency rule.
  • Marketing Partnership Program – The new program to establish mutually beneficial business partnerships has generated more than $340,000 for the General Fund to date.

For more information on the city’s Innovation and Efficiency Task Force efforts, visit the Innovation and Efficiency website.

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