Innovation & Efficiency Task Force Recommendations and Accomplishments - 2010

Recommendations Implemented

The following Innovation and Efficiency Task Force recommendations were implemented in 2010.

City Department/Function Consolidations

The following consolidations have been implemented and were expected to save the city approximately $1.7 million. 


  • City Clerk Office Systems Division - Was transferred to the Information Technology Services Department, including the city e-mail systems and messaging, training personnel and the technical help desk.
  • City Manager Youth and Education Office Activities - The College Depot was transferred to the Library Department, the Education section was absorbed by the Neighborhood Services Department and the KNOW99 cable TV station consolidated with Phoenix Channel 11 in the Public Information Office.
  • Emergency Services - Was transferred to be under the Phoenix Public Safety Manager.
  • Family Advocacy Center - Was transferred to the Human Services Department.
  • Light Rail - Was transferred to the Public Transit Department.
  • New Cultural Affairs Office - Consolidates the City Manager's Office of Arts and Culture, Phoenix Sister Cities and the Office of Protocol into one new department.
  • New Planning and Development Services Department - Consolidates the individual Planning and Development Services departments, City Clerk Property Records section, the Fire Department's fire permitting and inspections section, and the City Manager's Historic Preservation Office.
  • Public Works Department - Absorbed the Engineering and Architectural Services Department and the City Manager's Sustainability Program.
  • Reserve-A-Ride Program - Was transferred from the Human Services Department to the Public Transit Department

Smallest Workforce in 40 Years

The City Council on November 3, 2010, approved the elimination of 546 vacant General Fund positions, which is expected to achieve $14.7 million in salary savings in the General Fund budget.

Once all 546 positions are eliminated, the new authorized position count will be 15,090.5 or 9.4 positions per thousand population. This is the smallest workforce the city has had in over 40 years. 

Other Initiatives

The following initiatives have been implemented to date:

  • Professional Services Contractors Voluntary Fee Reduction

  Participants - Voluntary 3% Fee Reduction Program

  • Renegotiation of contract for effluent for Palo Verde Nuclear Plant
  • Reduced severance/retirement payouts
  • Insourcing of Aviation Department's Voluntary Land Acquisition Program
  • Implementation of late fee on municipal services bill
  • Reserve-a-Ride - Elimination of demand trips
  • Re-bid life insurance contracts
  • Liability insurance premium savings
  • Additional revenue from increased alarm fees
  • Vehicle towing and impoundment administrative fee
  • Efficiencies in Computer Operations
  • Increase Pawn Shop fees
  • Elimination of paper paychecks
  • Reduce frequency of city newsletter to 6 times annually
  • Reducing the number of contracts printed
  • Reducing number of agenda packets printed for formal agendas
  • New user fee process


More Recommendations and Accomplishments to Date