Innovation and Efficiency Recommendations and Accomplishments - 2012

Recommendations Implemented

Read about the recommendations and related accomplishments of the Innovation and Efficiency Task Force in 2012.


Innovation and Efficiency Task Force accomplishments in 2012 included:

  • April 2012 Alliance for Innovation Award for Outstanding Achievement in Local Government Innovation.

  • Organizational Review – the third year of city departments looking closely at organizational structure and operations has resulted in removal of supervisory layers, increased span of control and the elimination of management positions at twice the rate of positions overall; in the first two reviews, the city saved $9.9 million.

  • Rightsourcing – Citywide outsourcing levels last fiscal year totaled about $477 million, a 38 percent increase from five years earlier.

  • Introduction of same-day collection of garbage and recycling, saving $2.3 million.
  • Water Efficiencies - $9 million in annual savings.

  • Employee Suggestion Program – millions of dollars in savings from employee ideas, including Water Services staff saving $3.4 million by spending only $15,000 to comply with a new Environmental Protection Agency rule.

  • Marketing Partnership Program – The new program to establish mutually beneficial business partnerships has generated more than $340,000 for the General Fund to date.

Read more about the accomplishments, identified initiatives, and related savings accomplished at the link below.

More Recommendations and Accomplishments to Date