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On this page you will find news and reports related to the Phoenix Strategic Plan.

2012 Goals - Phase 2

The Phoenix Strategic Plan is an evolving process - as such, the City Manager has set 27 goals from the Phase II Action Plan, which were presented to the City Council Finance, Efficiency, Innovation and Sustainability Subcommittee in April 2012.

View 2012 Strategic Plan Goals (chart)

2011 Major Accomplishments - Phase 1

Phase I of the Strategic Plan produced numerous accomplishments in the ten study areas, which the City Manager presented to the Phoenix City Council in April 2012.

View Strategic Plan 2011 Accomplishments


City Manager's Strategic Planning Memo/Timeline to City Council - Nov. 3, 2010


Previous Strategic Plan

The last Phoenix Corporate Strategic Plan was released in January 1990.  The Phoenix Corporate Strategic Plan, originally developed in 1988, intended to serve as a major policy statement to guide the direction of the city of Phoenix.  The strategic plan is comprised of a mission statement, nine Key Result Areas, and multiple objectives under each area.  In this plan,  the city’s mission was to: “Create a vital City, enhancing the lives of residents and citizens through effective leadership, active community involvement and a dynamic blend of quality government and services.”  The nine Key Result Areas, defined as areas of critical concern for the city, were:

  • Enhanced Transportation
  • Fiscal Strength
  • Quality Services
  • Neighborhood Vitality
  • Environmental Management
  • Shaping City Growth
  • Community Pride
  • Safe City
  • Education

To read more about the 1990 Strategic Plan, download a copy ( PDF).