Information on Temporary Traffic Circles (Ahwatukee Foothills)

Information on Temporary Traffic Circles

As part of the design process, Phoenix uses temporary traffic circles made from plastic curbing to determine if a specific traffic circle design will work for a given intersection. If approved by residents nearby, the first step is to install a temporary traffic circle design and then measure the effect it has on traffic.

If the circle slows traffic too much or not enough, engineers and staff can adjust the design and test the circle before developing plans for a permanent one. This way, when residents within the petition boundary are asked to vote on the permanent design, they will have a better idea of what the footprint of the final design will be and what traffic conditions will be like if the design is approved.

The temporary plastic curbing is left during the initial testing phase, and if the permanent design is approved, it will remain in place until construction begins on the permanent design.

View PowerPoint presentation that highlights Ahwatukee Foothills Temporary Traffic Calming Plan (PDF)

Examples of Temporary Traffic Circles:  


D6 Temporary Traffic Circles 01



D6 Temporary Traffic Circles 2


Examples of Permanent Traffic Circles:


D6 Permanent Traffic Circles 1


D6 Permanent Traffic Circles 2


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