Television History

Television History

Film Phoenix LogoThe Television History list is compiled from productions that both filmed wholly or partially in Phoenix and obtained a Phoenix Film and Digital Media Permit.

Productions listed as (in production) are those productions with whom the Phoenix Film Office is working with directly at this time.

The Television History page was last updated February 24, 2014.

America Unearthed - Committee Films, Inc.
Discovery London - Great Scott Productions (in production)
Five Days in April - Randy Murray Productions
Julia Cooking Show - Pacific Productions
Planet UFO - Pioneer TV (in production)
Texas Rangers Season Preview - FOX Sports (in production)
Untitled: Diary Project - Hone, Inc.
Untitled: Kurt Warner Project - M Street Creative

American Idol - Civic Entertainment Group
Bachelorette, The - NZK Productions, Inc.
Ballroom Blitz - XIX Entertainment
CMT - Good Clean Fun
Cloud Lab - BBC Productions
Cool Places - Hawkes Media Group
Doomsday - Randy Murray Productions
Drugs, Inc. - Wall to Wall Media Ltd.
Eat Street - Fastlane Foods (5) Pictures, Inc.
Extreme Makeover - BONGO, LLC
Hoarding: Buried Alive - Wilma TV, Inc.
House Hunters International - Leopard Films
How the Universe Works - Pioneer TV
In Deep Shift with Jonas Elrod - TBG Studios, LLC
Investigation Discovery - Sirens Media
Jerks with Cameras - 495 Productions
Job Swap - Constantin Entertainment
Last Known Alive - CineFlix, Inc.
Little People, Big World - Gay Rosenthal Productions
Lost Dutchman's Mine - World Media Rights
Money in Minutes - filmproduktions
Monumental Mysteries - Optomen Productions
Property Wars - Sharp Entertainment
Scenic Wonderland - Collaboration America, Inc.
Scoring the Deal - Left/Right, Inc.
Shut Up and Drive - Robert Darymple Productions
Sky High Scrapers - Electric Sky Productions
Something Borrowed - Trium Entertainment
This Military Life - USAMM Studios
Untitled:Diary Project - Hone, Inc
Where is the Mole? - Talpa Productions, B.V.
WWE Total Divas - Bunim-Murray Productions


4 Weddings - ITV
Adam Richman's Best Sandwich in America - Sharp Entertainment
Airplane Demolition - TopSpin Creative Corp.
America's Most Wanted - Walsh Productions. LLC
America's Best Dance Crew - Daft Productions
Betting the House - Sharp Entertainment, LLC
Crimes of Hate - Pacha Films S.A.C.
Culinary Adventures of Baron Ambrosia - Karga 7 Pictures
Dudley Challenge - Suns Legacy Partners LLC
Eden Eats - Noise Productions
Extreme Makeover Weight Loss - Bongo LLC
Family Show - Long Pond Media, LLC
Helping Hands - Helping Hands
Horizon - British Broadcasting Corporation
I Hope You Can Dance - Crew Neck Productions
Larrymania - Cinemat, Inc.
Mob Wives - Left Right, Inc.
Moment, The - Eyeball on the Floor, Inc.
Nightmare Next Door - Sirens Media
Police Reserves - V Street Productions, LLC
Stolen Voices, Buried Secrets - Sirens Media
Tigers - Pyramid Productions 1, Inc.
Truck Hunters - Long Pond Media
UFC Countdown - A.Smith and Co. Properties
Untitled: Discovery Channel Crime Show - MBM TV Inc.
Unusual Suspects - LMNO Productions, Inc.
Worlds Strangest Weather - Pioneer Productions


15 Reasons to go to Phoenix - Productions 7691335
Auction Houses - Sharp Entertainment, LLC
Baseball Wives - Shed Media, USA
Blindness - Sirens Media, LLC
Braxton Family Values - D&J Productions
Bolt Force - Baby Jake Media
CMT Top 20 Countdown - CMT
Code Breakers - Cris Abrego Productions, Inc.
CSI: Me - Wide-Eyed Entertainment
Day That Changed My Life, The - Sirens Media
Downsized  - Pie Town Production
Dr. Oz - Zoco Productions
E:60 - ESPN
Eat Street - Fastlane Food Productions
Forbidden Access - Authentic Entertainment
Game Changer - Tricon Television
Hell's Highway - Current TV
Henry Hill - Randy Murray Productions
I Love My Chevy - Florentine Films
Invention Impossible - Silent Crow Arts
Invention USA - T Group Productions
Just Dance - Fly Girls
Khloe & Lamar - Season 2 - Bunim/Murray Productions
Made - MTV Productions
MLB Promo - Sedna Films
National Geographic: Legal Marijuana - Inside Out Productions
PBS History Detectives - Oregon Public Broadcasting
Phoenix Police Reserves - BASE Productions
Police Reserves - M2 Pictures
Promo Girls - Urban Legends Entertainment
Racheal Ray Show - CBS Corporation
Repo Games - 495 Productions
Scarlet - Positively Frisky Pictures, Inc.
Scorned - Optomen Productions, Inc.
Tabi-Salad - Los Angeles Video Productions, Inc.
Taboo - Beyond Productions
Tempe 12 - Candor Entertainment
Untitled Family Pilot - Off the Fence
Weird or What - Cineflex
William & Kate - NZK Productions
William Shatner's Weird or What? - Cineflix
Who the Bleep Did I Marry? - Sirens Media


After the First 48 - Kirkstall Road
America's Most Wanted - Picture This Productions
Animal Planet: Monster Inside Me - Optomen USA
Auctioneers, The - Mike Mathis Productions
Bang for your Buck - High Noon Productions
Being Terry Kennedy - BET
Biggest Looser - BL4 Productions
Bob Saget Untitled Series - A&E (State Penn Productions)
Burnout - High Five Productions
Chefs vs. City - The Food Network
CMT Top 20 Countdown - Top 20 Countdown
Copland - Tiger Aspect
Deadly Women 4 - Beyond Productions
Downsized - Pie Town TV
Extreme Infestations - Darlow Smithson
Freddie vs. the World - Zig Zag Productions
Frontline: "For Profit" - RainMedia, NY
FSN Redesign - DLP Entertainment
History Detectives - Oregon Public Broadcasting
Hoarding: Buried Alive - Maslow Media Group
Holiday Design Special - Al Roker Entertainment
Human Robot Relationship - Landmark Films
If I Can Dream - Rogers and Cowen
Inside Rehab - State Penn Productions
Iron Maidens - Left/Right Inc.
Is She Really Going Out With Him? - State Penn Productions
Judds TV Show - Gay Rosenthal Productions
Live to Dance - Alamo Productions
Los Twins - Promofilm US
Man vs. Food - Sharp Entertainment
Meet the In-Laws - Quay Street Enterprises
Mob Wives - Left Right, Inc.
Monsoons - Wild Horizons, Ltd.
Mun2 Shuffle - NBC Universal
Paranormal Investigators - BASE Productions
Police Woman 2 - Long Pond Media
Profilers - TNT (Mark Gordon Company)
Repo Man - 495 Productions
Salvados - El Terrat de Produccions (Spain)
So You Think You Can Dance - Dance Nation Productions
Staten Island Project - Left/Right Inc.
Sunset Daze - WE Network
Tastemakers - Sundance Channel
Top Gear - Sun West Productions
Treasure Hunters Road Show - EZ3 Productions
True Life, MTV - Punched in the Head Productions
truTV Documentary - A. Smith & Co. Properties
Unfaithful - True Entertainment
Wicked Attraction - M2 Pictures
What's Eating You - Bongo, LLC
Who the Bleep Did I Mary? - Sirens Media
World Pastry Team Championships - Kirstall Productions
X-Wives - Cris Abrego Productions


After Armageddon - Randy Murray Productions
America's Most Wanted - 20th Century Fox
Andrew Zimmern - Eyeboogie, Inc. & Tremendous! Entertainment
Brat Camp: Teenagers Out Of Control - Tresor TV Productions
Briefing, The - National Geographic Television
Candy Girls - Good Clean Fun, LLC
Collapse - National Geographic Society
Cut in Half - National Geographic
Deadly Women - Beyond Productions
Great American Roadtrip - NBC
Family Dynamics - Maslow Media Group
First 48 - Kirkstall Road Enterprises
Forensic Factor - Discovery Channel
Future Presidents - National Geographic Television
Hidden Potential - Leopard Films
I Shouldn't Be Alive - Randy Murray Productions
Life Without People - Flight 33 Productions
Love Decoy - Attack Cat Productions
Maneater - SONY Television
My First Place - High Noon Entertainment
National Geographic Channel - Base Productions
Phoenix H.I.K.E. - National Geographic Society
Players - Devlin Entertainment
Real World, The - Bunim-Murray
RIP: How People Deal with Death - DOR Films - Schenk Productions NY
Sex Decoy: Love Stings - Linda Ellman Productions, Inc.
Sunset Daze - WE Network
Suppernanny - Shed Media
Troy the Locator - Asylum Entertainment
Wife Swap - RDF Media


Starting 11 - NFL Films
Biggest Loser 2 - BL4 Productions
Aviation Safety - Wall to Wall (England)
Celine Dion World Tour - Productions J (Canada)
Sex With Mom and Dad - Viacom/MTV
Easy Driver - GVG USA
American Idol - FOX
Animal Cops Arizona - ITV (England)
Exiled - Left Right Productions
Chopper Challenge - Spectrum Films
G Word - Authentic Entertainment
S.I.S. - Canterbury Productions
The Girls Next Door - Fox Entertainment
Addicts - Right Eye Productions
Fugitive Chronicles - Raw Television
Soccer Mom - GRB Inc.
All About Dung - Icon Films
X Tatoo Removal - Indigo Films
Operation Bootstrap - Towers Productions
National Geograhic - Pioneer Television (England)


The Story of Maths - BBC (England)
Ten Ways to Save the Planet - Impossible Pictures
Spring Break 83 - River Sig LLC
Project X - CBC (Canada)
Future of Education - Engine Pictures
Naked Science - Pioneer Films
Little People Big World - Gay Rosenthal Productions
Stranger Than Fiction - Wall to Wall (England)
Big Spender - North South Productions
Wife, Mom, Bounty Hunter - Defiant Productions
Cool Stuff: How it Works - Beyond International
Celebrity Fit Club - Quay Street Enterprises


Hidden Palms - Lionsgate
Real Simple - Time Warner
Animal Planet Heroes - Granada Films
American Chopper - American Chopper Productions
Room Raiders - Granada USA


Medical Miracles - GRB
America's Most Wanted - STF Productions
Extreme Makeover, Season 3 - New Screen Entertainment
30 Days - PSL Films
High School Stories - MTV/Viacom
Weird US - History Channel
While you were Out - BBC
Nick at Night - Viacom
Elimidate - Dawn Syndicated
ESPN Sports Figures - Factory Films
Trading Spouses - Rocket Science
Wife Swap - RDF Media
My Super Sweet Sixteen - MTV Viacom


Nick and Jessica Newlyweds - MTV
Psychic Detective - Superfine-One
America's Most Wanted - STF Productions
Wheel of Fortune - NBC - Eric Trudel Productions
Trading Spaces - Banyan Productions
Starting Over - Bunim/Murray Productions
Food 911 - Stone House
Tactical to Practical - Edelman
No Opportunity Wasted - Phil Keoghan
Switched - Evolution Films
Ambush Makeover - Banyan Productions
Medium - Viacom/Paramount
Recipe for Success - Al Roker / Courlei Productions
Dr. Phil – Viacom


The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - NBC
Trading Spaces - Banyan Productions
World's Greatest Race - Viacom Inc.
Rodeo Road - A. Smith & Company Productions
Judge Hatchett - Entrada Productions
Switched - Evolution Films
Extreme Dating - Filmstar Productions Inc.
Clean Sweep - Evolution Film & Tape
It's A Miracle -
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - NBC Studios, Inc.


Insomniac - Central Productions
Flipped - Arnold Shapiro Productions
Spend it Fast - Atlas Media Corp.
My Life is a Sitcom - Bruce Nash Entertainment
Worst Case Scenario - Avoca Productions
Home to Home - Maverick Television


Elimidate - Dawn Syndicated
Peril - Fortitude Productions
Foodnation - Television Food Network
The Fugitive - Warner Bros.
Aftermath - King Phoenix
Musik Antenstadt (European) - New World Trave
Food Finds - Scripps Company


The Truth about Jane - Hearst Entertainment King Telpro
Looking for Lost Bird - Hallmark Hall of Fame
It's a Miracle - Paxson Communication


Point Last Seen - United General Films
Down will come Baby - King Phoenix


Forever Midnight - Blue Dog Productions
Money in the Bank - International Video


War Room - Incline Productions
The Fanatic - Dead or Alive Productions
21 - Storyteller
Hack - Incline Productions
Camerahead - Red Flag Productions
Robin Cook's Invasion - Von Zerneck Sertner Film
All my Friends are Cowboys


Unfair Game - Blue Dog Project, Inc
The Wait Between - Third Shift Productions
Maloney - La Mesa Productions
Vicious Circle - Tidal Wave Entertainment
People of Reason - CTV Productions
Mischievous - Miklen Productions
Brother's Keeper - Erica Films
No One would Tell - Von Zerneck Sertner Films
Writer's Block - Breakthrough Productions
Robin Cook's Terminal - Von Zerneck Sertner Films
My Son is Innocent - Von Zerneck Sertner Films


Seduced & Betrayed - Von Zerneck Sertner Films
Dark Fury - New Phoenix Film Works


Jimi - Joy Productions
Blind Justice - Lucky Nell Productions
Trailer Park - BSA Films
Rider's in the Storm - Cold Stone Productions


Mafia Marriage - Lauren Productions
A Mother's Revenge - Martine Productions
Stalking Back - Spring Training
Rage of River - Sane Productions
Knight Rider 2010 - BBK Productions


Sunstroke - T. Donnelly
Terror on the Cruise Line - Diafragma Films
Telling Secrets - PKE
Revenge - Diafragma Films
Rescue Team Adventures - Diafragma Films
Justice in the Desert - Diafragma Films
Alien Vows - &mbsp;
Iron Man - Diafragma Films


Unsolved Mysteries - Cosgrove meurer
Just Perfect (Disney) - Cornerstone Productions
Checkered Flag - Fast Car Co., Inc.


Never Say Goodbye
Teen Angel (Disney) - Cornerstone Productions
Match point (Disney) - Cornerstone Productions
America's Most Wanted - STF Productions
In the Beginning (PBS)
Excellence in the Public Sector (PBS)
Not Quite Human II... - Resnick/Margellos Productions
Love You Tomorrow - Mel Weiser
The Gifted - NBC
Unsolved Mysteries - Cosgrove Meurer
Land of the Eagle (PBS)


The Highwayman - NewWest Productions
All Inclusive - WDR German Television
Probe - Westland Productions
Unholy Matrimony - Edgar Sherrick & Associates
Desert Rats - Cine Enterprises
Wildman - A. Nadohl


Thunder III - F. D'Angles
Not Quite Human - Charmhill Productions For Disney
Shattered Innocence - Green Epstein Productions


Pride of Place - Malone Gill, P
Entertainment U.S.A. - British Broadcast Corporation
World About Us - British Broadcast Corporation
Update U.S.A - British Broadcast Corporation
Portrait of America - Canadian Broadcast Corporation


Road to Turquoise - French TV
Fantasy - Columbia Pictures-TV
Command 5 - Paramount Pictures
Great Landscapes Of the World - Bavarian TV
Wish you were Here - Thames TV


Real People - George Schlatter Productions
Dirkham Detective Agency - J. Daniel
Secret Agent Boy - J. Daniel


That's Incredible - Alan Landsburg Production


The Child Stealer - H. Benson


Foursome - TV Game Show / T. Brodek
Fire in the Sky - J. Jameson / H. Benson


Spencer's Pilots - L. Rosen


Movin' On
The Campanion - A. Blake


F.B.I - Q. Martin


McMasters of Sweetwater - B. Butler / N. MacDonald


New Dick Van Dyke Show - B. Paul / C. Reiner
New Kind of Love - S. Silliphant
O'hara U.S. Treasury - D. Janssen / M. Machon


Then came Bronson
Ransom Money - G. Curren


People Trap - W. Graham