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We work with many successful businesses to help them find funding that meets their needs. We have three primary ways to assist businesses in financing.

Phoenix Community Development Investment Corporation

The primary mission of PCDIC is to improve the economic conditions in Phoenix’s under-served communities. Participants in Phoenix’s program must conduct business and provide services in an eligible census tract that meets community impact standards. Minimally, the recipient must show that their activity:

  • Creates jobs for residents or low-income persons;
  • Increases wages or incomes for residents or low-income persons;
  • Targets job creation to areas of high unemployment;
  • Finances or assists businesses committed to remaining in the eligible census tract;
  • Finances or assists businesses owned by residents;
  • Finances or assists minority or women-owned businesses; and
  • Other proposed community impact

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EXPAND Program

The EXPAND Program assists Phoenix businesses in obtaining loans from eligible local financial institutions. EXPAND provides additional collateral enhancement and can range as high as $150,000. There is no ceiling on the loan amount. Loans can be for virtually any legitimate business purpose. Jobs creation or jobs preservation is an essential element of any request for EXPAND assistance. With EXPAND, the successful applicant/borrower is able to receive a loan and the lender is in a more secure collateral position.

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Phoenix Industrial Development Authority

The Phoenix IDA was established in 1981 by the City of Phoenix under the Industrial Development Financing Act, Arizona Revised Statues § 35-701 et. seq. The Phoenix IDA is an Arizona nonprofit corporation and political subdivision that can provide taxable and tax-exempt bond financing for the acquisition, construction, equipping or improvement of qualified projects in the following areas:

  • Educational Facility Revenue Bonds
  • Industrial Development Revenue Bonds
  • Community Development Revenue Bonds
  • Multi-Family Housing Revenue Bonds
  • Single-Family Housing Revenue Bond
  • Mortgage Credit Certificate Programs

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