Foreign Trade Zone

City of Phoenix Foreign-Trade Zone No. 75

Foreign-Trade Zones are secure areas under supervision of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) that are considered outside the customs territory of the United States at which special CBP procedures may be used. Foreign and domestic merchandise may be moved into zones for storage, exhibition, assembly, manufacturing, and processing without payment of duties, quota and other import restrictions until the decision is made to enter the goods into the U.S. market.

Authority for establishing foreign-trade zones is granted by the Foreign-Trade Zones Board. As Grantee, the City of Phoenix is responsible for establishing, administering and marketing the Foreign-Trade Zone program for the greater Phoenix area. The City of Phoenix can sponsor a new FTZ application for sites within 60 miles, or within 90 minutes' driving time from the Phoenix Port of Entry, which is Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.


User Benefits

User benefits include:

  • Duty deferral until merchandise enters U.S. territory;
  • Duty elimination on exports;
  • Duty elimination on scrap and defective merchandise;
  • Duty reduction on foreign components which carry a higher duty rate than the finished article;
  • No time constraints on storage;
  • Shorter transit time - Direct Delivery;
  • Weekly entries; and
  • An approximately 75% reduction in real and personal property taxes for activated FTZs (certain restrictions apply).

Types of Zones

Magnet Site
A site that is available for multiple users.

Usage-Driven Site
A site that is for a single user.

A site that is for a single user.

Phoenix FTZ No. 75 Sites

     Magnet Site 1:      Phoenix Sky Harbor Center and Sky Harbor International Airport's air cargo terminal.

     Magnet Site 2:      Goodrich Aircraft Interior Products - 3414 S. 5th St (map it on Google Maps)

     Magnet Site 4:      Santa Fe Business Park - 47th and Campbell Avenues

     Magnet Site 5:      Arizona Fueling Facilities Corp. - Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

     Magnet Site 9:      Prologis Park Riverside / TJX Companies Inc.

Usage-Driven Sites

     6:     Western Digital, Phoenix

     7:     Michael Lewis Company, Phoenix

     8:     The Gap Inc., Phoenix

     10:   Orbital Sciences Corporation, Gilbert


     A:      Conair Corporation, Glendale

SUMCO Sign     C:     Intel Corporation, Chandler

     E:     Abbott Laboratories, Casa Grande

     F:      PetSmart, Phoenix

     G:      SUMCO Southwest, Phoenix

     H:      Microchip Technology, Inc., Chandler and Tempe

     I:       American Italian Pasta Company, Tolleson

     J:      Honeywell Aerospace, Inc, Phoenix and Tempe

Other Documents

For additional information please contact the City of Phoenix Community and Economic Development Department at (602) 262-5040.