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Business Services

Phoenix Workforce Connection is your link to a talented pool of job applicants. We can arrange training programs customized to your company's needs. Tax incentives associated with these hiring and training programs reduce the cost of operating your business.

Recruitment and Training Analysis

The Phoenix Workforce Connection Business Services team can conduct a professional recruitment and training analysis of your business. This information is used in developing a quality recruiting, training and retraining program to meet your company's start-up, expansion or retraining needs. The analysis includes:

Employed Worker Training

Low-cost training programs can be designed for your new employees and, in some cases, existing employees. Learn more about Employed Worker Training.

One-Stop Services

Business services at our One-Stop Career Centers include:

Workforce Partnerships

Collaboration is key to the one-stop approach. Customized public/private workforce partnerships that include employers, employer alliances, community-based organizations, employment agencies, and education and training institutions can be developed and implemented. Learn more about our One-Stop Partners.

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