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These organizations offer programs to help people find and keep jobs. Some also provide labor force data.

State of Arizona Department of Economic Security

The Department of Economic Security provides direct services and programs to the community such as:

MCCD Center for Workforce Development

The Center for Workforce Development serves as the central resource for the most current labor market information, as well as regional and national data on economic and workforce trends and issues. The center also serves as a hub, bringing together industry and education for discussions on curriculum and faculty training.

Phoenix Job Corps

The Job Corps is America's oldest, largest and most comprehensive national education and training program for unemployed and undereducated youths, ages 16 to 24. Administered by the Department of Labor, the mission of Job Corps is to assist young individuals who need and can benefit from an unusually intensive program of academic, vocational and personal/social development that enables them to become more responsible, employable and productive citizens.

Phoenix Workforce Connection Division

The Workforce Connection Division provides employment and training programs and services to adults, youth, dislocated workers and businesses through the Phoenix Workforce Connection and its One-Stop Career Centers. These programs also provide guidance, direction and resources to individuals, workforce professional and businesses that engage in workforce development.

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