US Airways Suite

The City of Phoenix offers a unique opportunity for youth to attend events at U.S. Airways Center. Through the U.S. Airways Center Suite program, youth groups are invited to attend an event such as a Suns game, concert, or other youth activity in a suite at the U.S. Airways Center. Light refreshments are provided for the group.

Here is what you need to know:
    • For most events, a total of six tickets are made available. One adult chaperone must be part of the group. Chaperones may not take their own children - even if your child is a participant of the center, school, or group that is attending the event.
    • There is no cost to attend the event other than parking and any additional food the group may choose to purchase.
    • Additional tickets cannot be purchased for the spouses or guests of the adult chaperone.
    • We cannot guarantee that specific events will be made available for the U.S. Airways Center Suite program. Requests are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • Ideas for awarding the tickets include attendance awards, an essay contest, random drawings, incentives for complete homework, etc.


Contact Information
U.S. Airways Center Suite Program
Youth and Education Office
200 W. Washington St., 12th Floor
Phoenix, AZ 85003
Phone: 602-256-3248
Fax: 602-261-8327

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