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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department. Each year thousands of volunteers go to work cleaning up parks, helping run recreation programs and assisting in countless other ways. Our parks and recreation facilities and programs strengthen and build a sense community throughout the city a mission that would be impossible without our volunteers. Provide as much detail as you can in the form below. A staff member will follow up with you to take the next step.

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Preserves and Trails Citywide

Sports (includes youth coaching, tournament assistance, golf courses, pools and swimming)
Outdoor sports - Soccer, Baseball, Kickball
Specific Facility/Sport:
Community Centers (volunteers can assist youth and adult programs and special events, help with customer service or assist with facility clean up)
Specific Facility:
City Parks (volunteers can assist with general litter/trash pickup, playground cleaning, weeding, raking, graffiti removal
Specific Facility/Park:
Preserves and Trails (volunteers can lead programs, help with trail maintenance and construction, general trail/area clean up, or can work as Park Stewards assigned to ensure trail user safety in assigned areas)
Specific Area:
Arts and Museums ( Pueblo Grande Museum, Shemer Art Center, Phoenix Center for the Arts, Heritage & Science Park, Japanese Friendship Garden, Tovrea Castle (Volunteers can assist with tours, education, classes, gift shops, gardening/grounds maintenance)
Specific Facility:
Adaptive Recreation (Volunteers can assist with Special Olympics or with Daring Adventures, our outdoor recreation programs for people with disabilities)
Specific Facility/Program:
Adopting or Sponsoring a park (groups, organizations or individuals can adopt or sponsor an entire park or one part of a park such as a playground, dog park or athletic fields)
Specific Facility/Park:
Administrative/Office/Clerical (these volunteers work in an office setting helping with filing and other office and administrative tasks)
Specific Facility:

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