Police Property Supervisor

Job Description


JOB CODE 01690

Effective Date: Rev. 11/07A


The fundamental reason this classification exists is to supervise the operations of a large, complex police property warehouse, police supply warehouse, and vehicle impound lots, and manage the Police Department's vehicle fleet. Supervision is exercised over Police Property Technicians, Police Aides, and/or supplies clerks involved in the warehousing and inventory control of impounded property of a sensitive nature and/or unusual value. Work requires the use of initiative and judgment and is performed under the general direction of the bureau commander or other sworn police employee. Performance is evaluated based upon results achieved.


  • Supervises employees engaged in the receipt, storage, and release of impounded property, and the receipt, inspection, custody, and distribution of police equipment, supplies, and other items;
  • Responds to written and oral inquiries from law enforcement personnel, citizens, external agencies and other individuals regarding property in custody;
  • Maintains the proper chain of evidence for court presentation;
  • Authorizes distribution and/or auction of property in accordance with established police policies and procedures;
  • Directs the release of impounded property to citizens, sworn police personnel, and/or other law enforcement agencies;
  • Ensures space availability and the orderly placement of impounded property for quick retrieval;
  • Determines appropriate methods of storage for sensitive and/or valuable property;
  • Responds to alarm call-out problems;
  • Oversees the maintenance of files and records regarding the disposition of property in police custody;
  • Coordinates property warehouse and vehicle impound activities with various City departments and law enforcement agencies;
  • Enters data or information into a terminal, PC, or other keyboard device;
  • Performs audits and/or off-site inspections;
  • Conducts studies of warehouse methods and procedures, and recommends changes;
  • Performs background checks prior to releasing weapons to the public;
  • Testifies in court regarding the integrity of property storage, preservation, and transportation;
  • Oversees the destruction of guns;
  • Coordinates and facilitates the pick up of property from off-site locations;
  • Oversees the requisitioning of stock replenishments;
  • Establishes procedures for inventory control, warehousing, and supply delivery operations;
  • Reviews and participates in the inventory of stock and establishes stock levels;
  • Coordinates facility maintenance for the Police Property Management Bureau;
  • Oversees the procurement, installation of equipment, make-ready, assignment, inventory, maintenance, and disposal of all vehicles in the Police Department's fleet;
  • Coordinates the maintenance and care of vehicles assigned to the Property Management Bureau;
  • Reviews invoices and maintenance contracts for police equipment;
  • Analyzes the vehicle needs of Police Department work units and coordinates the transfer of equipment;
  • Coordinates the acquisition and maintenance of license plates, registrations, and year tabs for unmarked police vehicles and ensures all Police Department vehicles are emissions tested as required;
  • Demonstrates continuous effort to improve operations, decrease turnaround times, streamline work processes, and work cooperatively and jointly to provide quality seamless customer service.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Knowledge of:

  • Practices, methods, hazards, and safety precautions applicable to warehousing.
  • Police policies and procedures for impounding and safekeeping property.
  • Principles and techniques of effective supervisory practices and office management.
  • Computer terminal data input and retrieval processes.
  • Applicable federal, state, and local criminal and civil laws, codes, and regulations.
  • Department goals, objectives, policies, and procedures.
  • Purchasing methods and procedures including buying, inspecting, and shipping methods.
  • Business English, spelling, and math.
Ability to:
  • Recommend, develop, and implement storage, security, and accounting procedures for property warehouse activities.
  • Work cooperatively with employees and the public.
  • Produce written documents in the English language with clearly organized thoughts using proper sentence construction, punctuation, and grammar.
  • Comprehend and make inferences from material written in the English language and learn job-related material through observation, oral instruction, structured lecture, or reading in the English language. This learning takes place in an on-the-job training or classroom setting.
  • Remain in a sitting position for extended periods of time.
  • Operate a variety of office equipment.
  • Work safely without presenting a direct threat to self or others.
  • Move objects weighing less than 50 pounds short and long distances.
  • Operate a computer utilizing a keyboard or other device.
  • Observe or monitor people's behavior to determine compliance with prescribed operating or safety standards.
  • Perform a broad range of supervisory responsibility over others.
  • Communicate orally in the English language with customers and employees in face-to-face, one-on-one settings, in group settings, and using a telephone.
  • Conduct research and studies, and write analytical reports.
  • Learn applicable laws and regulations.
  • Learn safety and security methods and practices associated with the handling and storage of firearms, weapons, vehicles, narcotics, drugs, money, and dangerous devices.

Additional Requirements:

  • Must be certified as a Level B Terminal Operator by the Arizona Department of Public Safety, Arizona Criminal Justice Information Systems (ACJIS) Division by the end of the probationary period.
  • Some positions require the use of personal or City vehicles on City business. Individuals must be physically capable of operating the vehicles safely, possess a valid driver's license and have an acceptable driving record. Use of a personal vehicle for City business will be prohibited if the employee is not authorized to drive a City vehicle or if the employee does not have personal insurance coverage.
  • Appointments to positions in the Police Department are subject to meeting appropriate polygraph and background standards.
  • Some positions will require the performance of other essential functions depending upon work location, assignment, or shift.


Six years of experience in warehousing and inventory control, including three years of manual and clerical work experience in the receipt, storage, and release of impounded property or evidence for a law enforcement agency; or three years of experience at the level of Police Property Technician. Other combinations of experience and education that meet the minimum requirements may be substituted.