Equal Opportunity Programs Asst

Job Description


JOB CODE 07050

Effective Date: Rev. 10/13


The fundamental reason this classification exists is to be responsible for support activities to Equal Opportunity Specialists responsible for the business programs or the employment programs of the Equal Opportunity Department by assisting in the overall program or administering a portion of the program. The incumbents learn all components of the programs while working on special projects assigned by the Equal Opportunity Specialists. Incumbents work closely with the Specialists until they gain enough experience to allow them to work more independently. They report directly to an Equal Opportunity Specialist and the work is reviewed through conferences, reports, and evaluation of results achieved.


  • Performs administrative duties as assigned by Equal Opportunity Specialists or other supervisors;
  • Performs statistical research and analysis;
  • Performs desk audits and field reviews in certifying Small and Disadvantaged Businesses;
  • Performs on-site monitoring of businesses for enforcement of the procurement and contracting requirements of the City Code and federal regulations;
  • Gives presentations at pre-bid, pre-construction, and pre-proposal meetings;
  • Assists in collecting and compiling complaint information/data;
  • Produces reports related to programs/activities of the department;
  • Assists in developing and conducting Equal Opportunity training programs;
  • Assists in implementing conferences, workshops, and events;
  • Maintains regular and reliable attendance.
  • Demonstrates superior seamless customer service, integrity, and commitment to innovation, efficiency, and fiscally responsible activity.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Knowledge of:

  • Local, state, and federal labor and civil rights laws.
  • Statistical analysis and research methods.
  • Personnel and employment practices.
  • Project management.

Ability to:

  • Communicate in the English language by phone or in person in a one-to-one or group setting.
  • Produce written documents in the English language with clearly organized thoughts using proper sentence construction, punctuation, and grammar.
  • Work cooperatively with others.
  • Work safely without presenting a direct threat to self or others.

Additional Requirements:

  • This position may require the use of personal or City vehicles on City business. Individuals must be physically capable of operating the vehicles safely, possess a valid driver's license and have an acceptable driving record. Use of a personal vehicle for City business will be prohibited if the employee does not have personal insurance coverage.


One year of experience in equal opportunity and a bachelor's degree in political science, business administration, personnel, or law. Other combinations of experience and education that meet the minimum requirements may be substituted.