Polygraph Examiner*Lead

Job Description



JOB CODE 62381

Effective Date: Rev. 10/12

The following Lead Assignment job description is meant to apply to all like titles, regardless of any assignment or designation.


The fundamental reason a Lead Assignment exists is to assist in supervising other employees. This lead work is in addition to the regular duties as described in the base classification job description.

While the duties of Lead positions can vary by department and work group, some examples of Lead responsibilities include:

  • Training new and current employees.
  • Assigning, reviewing, and approving work.
  • Handling the more complex and technical problems and customer inquiries in the work unit.
  • Supervising a work unit whenever the regular supervisor is absent.
  • Completing various activity statistical reports, budget monitoring, and/or other special projects.
  • Ensuring that department management is informed of critical issues or other emergencies.
  • Providing input on employee performance evaluations and disciplinary actions.
  • Handling the day-to-day scheduling of employee breaks, work periods, and coverage of work stations or public counters.
  • Ensures work is performed in compliance with section/division/department standards and established deadlines.
  • Depending on staff assignment may perform other duties and tasks.

Lead*U7: Some Lead positions, such as "Lead-Unit 7," perform the full range of supervision over others. This would include the examples above, plus such responsibilities as conducting employee performance appraisals; approving leave and overtime; and handling hiring, firing, discipline, and grievances of employees as a first-level supervisor.

The Lead assignment is distinguished from the base classification by supervisory responsibilities, responsibility for the more complex and technical work situations, the independence with which duties are performed, and decision making authority.