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The Office of Environmental Programs (OEP) coordinates environmental programs and issues, develops city environmental policies and regulations, and provides technical and regulatory assistance to city departments.

Mission Statement

The Office of Environmental Programs advances environmental protection and sustainability by promoting sound environmental policies and practices through leadership, education, and technical and regulatory assistance.  We value diversity, excellence, team work and innovation.

How are we organized?

OEP is a function of the City Manager’s Office and consists of an Environmental Programs Manager and professional and administrative staff. View the Organizational Chart.

Assistance to the Public

OEP coordinates and implements the following:

Assistance to City Departments

OEP assists departments with federal, state, and county regulations concerning air, water, soils, hazardous waste and environmental contamination. OEP also manages the Section 404 program which addresses the protection of wetlands, natural resources and cultural resources, including extensive training and compliance assistance. The program provides training and permitting needs for city projects relevant to Section 404 of the Clean Water Act. Section 404 permits are required to ensure protection of waterways and related cultural and natural resources. Additionally, OEP coordinates Endangered Species Act and Migratory Bird Treaty Act compliance including burrowing owl surveys and relocations. OEP also serves as the focal point for regulatory agencies in this process and coordinates all city projects.

OEP implements the city’s Pollution Prevention (P2) Program, an environmental initiative approved by the Mayor and Council in 1994. The goal of the P2 program is to help reduce the city’s use of hazardous chemicals and generation of hazardous waste. Elements of the program include environmental facility assessments to review hazardous material compliance; chemical tracking through a citywide database; employee training; and implementing P2 opportunities that improve compliance, conserve natural resources, and expand environmentally preferred products.

Contact Information

Office of Environmental Programs
200 W. Washington St., 14th Floor
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