ADA Compliance Efforts

Actions taken by the city to comply with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) include program, service or activity compliance; department facility access and transit access

Program, Service or Activity Compliance

All city of Phoenix departments have ongoing activities that are accessible to people with disabilities. Contact the department ADA liaison for further information on that department's activities. The following are specific ADA contacts for further information or to report concerns or problems. 

All phone numbers have a 602 area code.

Accessible playgroundsRobert A. Hogg495-5944
Accessible voting materials/polling placesSeth Scott262-4476
ADA: Programs and facility complaintsEqual Opportunity Department262-7486
Landlord/Tenant housing questionsLandlord/Tenant (message)262-7210
Curb ramp requestsDoug Kirkman262-7222
Employee accommodation questionsHuman Resources Department262-7556
Disabled parking enforcementWalter Olsen534-1951
Disabled parking layout violationsNeighborhood Services262-7844
Mayor's Commission on Disability IssuesEqual Opportunity Department256-4128
Housing discrimination complaints (disability)Equal Opportunity Department262-7486
Pedestrian accommodationsDoug Kirkman262-7222
Sign language interpreter sourcesEqual Opportunity Department262-7486
TTY questions and sourcesEqual Opportunity Department262-7486
Information on alternate communication optionsEqual Opportunity Department262-7486

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Department Facility Access


The ADA requires that city programs, services and activities be accessible to and usable by people with disabilities. Services must be accessible even though facilities may not meet all new accessibility standards.

City facilities include buildings, rights-of-ways, sidewalks, curb ramps, parking lots and more. Contact the departmental ADA liaison or an individual listed below if you have a concern about the accessibility of a city facility. 

All phone numbers have a 602 area code.

Curb ramp accessDoug Kirkman262-7222
New city constructionChris Turner-Noteware534-3315
Service or facility accessEqual Opportunity Department262-7486
Pedestrian accommodationsDoug Kirkman262-7222
Bus or Dial-a-Ride accessGabriel Peiz495-7133

Contact the Equal Opportunity Department at 602-262-7486/voice, 602-534-1557/TTY or 602-495-0517/fax.

Other disability-related information is available at the following sites:


Parks and Recreation

Transit Access


Public Transit ADA requirements mandate that city-contracted transit services be accessible. They also require that the city have a paratransit service to serve those who cannot use the bus because of their disability. More transit information is available regarding Dial-a-Ride, Ride-Share and bus transportation schedules and other transportation issues.

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