Pay a Bill, Fee, Taxes or Purchase a Permit

The city of Phoenix offers online options to pay for services, fees and taxes and to purchase permits,  Visit the links on this page to pay your city services bill, court fines, fees and/or restitution, privilege (sales) taxes, recreation class fees or to purchase a permit.

Bills, Fines, Fees

  • Development Fees - Find out about development fees the city collects during the plan review,  permitting or various service delivery processes or at the time residential on-line permits are requested.
  • Parks and Recreation Classes and Programs -  Visit the Parks Department's online registration system to create your online account, pay a class fee or purchase a recreation pass.
  • City of Phoenix Parking Ticket Payment - This web site accepts payments for parking tickets.  The number from the parking Notice of Violation and the vehicle plate number are required to make a payment.
  • Arizona Courts Online Payment - This is a statewide payment system managed by the Arizona Supreme Court Administrative Office of the Courts.  If you wish to pay a fine for any charge pending in Phoenix Municipal Court that does not require a court appearance and for which a fine has already been set, you can make the payment at this website.  If a court appearance is required, or if you have received a summons and complaint for a parking ticket, the system will not accept your payment.  
  • Arizona Traffic Ticket and Complaint (ATTC) System - This web page provides instructions, interactive calculators, and links for responding to charges issued on an "Arizona Traffic Ticket and Complaint" by a police officer and filed in Phoenix Municipal Court.  The web page also provides more detailed instructions for responding to City of Phoenix civil traffic tickets and Motor Carrier or Commercial Tickets.  This site also provides links to information concerning the State of Arizona's Defensive Driving Program and Child Restraint Program.
  • Library Late Book Fine - Fees for overdue materials from Phoenix Public Library may be paid at any Phoenix Public Library location or online. 


  • Pay and File Privilege (Sales) Tax Online - Find information on how to sign-up for e-Tax and take advantage of online services such as filing original and amended sales tax returns, pay license fees and taxes due, review account history, and make address and contact changes. 


  • Alarm Permits - Need information about applying for a burglar or fire alarm permit?  Licensed alarm agents, companies and fire prevention contractors can find it here.
  • Building Permit Services - Visit this webpage to get information on building permits, including electronic plan reviews and requesting or canceling a building inspection.
  • Extended Construction Work Hours Permit (PDF) -  Use this form if you are a contractor wanting to perform construction work outside of regular work hours on weekdays or on weekends.

  • Filming Permit - Want to film at a city location?  Many video and film shoots, including, but not limited to, student films, commercial photography, TV shows, and documentaries, require a permit from the City of Phoenix Film Office.

  • Oversize Vehicle Permits - Use this form to apply for a permit for an oversize vehicle such as a truck mounted crane, drill rig or pumper; a mobile home on its own axles.
  • Park Permits - Planning an event at a city park? Get information about how to avoid conflicts with other park visitors.  
  • Resident Permit Parking - Get information about the city's Resident Permit Parking Program (RPPP), established in 1987 as a tool to address difficult neighborhood parking intrusion problems. 
  • Sign Inspections and Permits - Visit this webpage to find out how to request a sign inspection and permit by phone or online. 
  • Zoning Use Permits and Variances - Find out about the requirements to allow use of a piece of property as permitted by the Zoning Ordinance or how to apply for a variance to allow a deviation from a development standard required by the Zoning Ordinance.