Carbonated Beverage systems

Carbonated Beverage Systems

After a carbon dioxide incident almost turned tragic in Phoenix, and on a national level has taken lives, the Phoenix Fire Department has initiated a comprehensive program to ensure compressed and liquefied based Carbonated Beverage Systems are designed, installed, and operated in accordance with all applicable codes and safety standards. These systems, under certain circumstances, have the potential to produce a life-threatening environment. The Compressed Gas Association, Inc. has also spoken out on this subject and you may find their published Safety Alert here:

CGA Logo    Compressed Gas Association Safety Alert

The Phoenix Fire Department has created the following video to spot light the recent incident that has brought this issue forward. 

Youtube Logo    Phoenix Fire Department CO2 Incident Review Video

If you should have any questions please contact our offices at 602.262.6771 for further information.

New Regulations 

Policy 5307 - Gas Detection Backup Power, effective October 26, 2013

These regulations were incorporated  into the 2012 Fire Code see Sections:

  • Section 5301 --  Regulation 3001, Compressed Gas NFPA 55
  • Section 5307.3  -- Regulation 3000.1 Compressed Gas Detection Requirements
  • Section 5307.4.1 -- Regulation 3000.2 CO2 Piping Requirements
  • Section 5307.4.2 -- Regulation 3007 Compressed Gas Ventilation Requirements

New Construction Documents

Phoenix Fire Department Prior Polices Regarding Carbon Dioxide Systems

If you are with a Fire Department or jurisdiction and would like information relating to this incident and how we’re responding to this issue please contact us at 602.262.6771. You may also find the following document informative.

"Near Miss"