School Inspections

The Phoenix Fire Department and the Arizona State Fire Marshal’s Office recently entered into an agreement that the Phoenix Fire Department would be the agency responsible for conducting fire inspections for Schools in the City of Phoenix. The Phoenix Fire Department understands that through this new process you may have questions and we hope to answer most below. If at any time you have additional questions please contact our office.

State Licensed Required Inspections

The Arizona State Department of Health Services requires public schools to obtain and complete a fire inspection prior to renewing their State license. The Phoenix Fire Department will be the agency conducting these inspections on schools located in the City of Phoenix.

Inspection Process

ClassroomA request for inspection is made to our office by calling 602-262-6771. Effective next year (2014) a $150 inspection fee will be required for the inspection and is assessed per school site.

  • Once a request for inspection is received a Fire Inspector will contact you to set up an Inspection time.
  • We ask that the inspection be conducted during school hours. This allows the Fire Inspector to see the school’s typical setup and operation while occupied. While the Fire Inspector will need to look in every room, our goal is to reduce the interruption to the class as much as possible. Most times we need only 30-60 seconds inside each class to conduct the inspection. We will not require any of the building’s alarms to be activated while conducting the inspection.
  • After the inspection is completed the Fire Inspector will informally review the items they observed that will require corrections. If there are life safety issues that require immediate correction the Inspector will require these to be corrected or abated before He/She leaves.
  • Within a few days the Inspector will set up a time to meet so a formal inspection report can be issued. You will receive a copy of the report listing all the required corrections with their specific locations.
  • A date will be set for the re-inspection. This inspection will be to verify that all the noted items have been corrected.
  • After all the items have been corrected the Fire Inspector will issue you the Fire Department Permit that you will send a copy of in with your State licensed renewal. The permit’s valid dates will coincide with the sites State licensing dates.

Items to Have at Time of Inspection

  • Inspections reports for all life safety systems. These include automatic sprinkler systems, fire alarm, on-site fire hydrants, fire extinguishers and kitchen hood suppressions systems. These systems are required to be inspected and tested by a Phoenix Fire Department licensed company every 12 months. Fire extinguishers also require monthly owner inspections.
  • Log of all fire drills conducted in the current school year and last.
  • Copy of the school’s emergency evacuation and lock down plans.
  • A responsible party with access to all buildings and rooms on the campus.