High-Rise Task Force

Phoenix Fire High-Rise Task Force

The Fire Department Operations Division and the Fire Prevention DivisionFire Downtown Highrise have joined together to create a High-Rise Task Force. The purpose of this task force is to develop a relationship with high-rise building owners, managers and engineers focusing on emergency preparedness and safety training. 

Although it may seem like a burden to have firefighters walking through your facility be assured the more familiar they are with the building and its systems the better they can serve you and your occupants in an emergency situation.  View the video to hear from a Fire Chief the importance of familiarization walk-through's.

Task Force Goals:

Fire AZ Title2 1983Fire Drills - One of the goals of this partnership is to coordinate fire code required fire drills with fire operations and the building occupants.  This provides a significantly more realistic drill for both the building occupants and the firefighters, and encourages participation.

Full Building Inspections - The first task of an inspection is to collect data on all building fire protection systems and review the maintenance records. Building staff is asked to collect and have available maintenance and repair records.  To ease the burden on high-rise management and engineering staff a self-inspection checklist is being provided prior to an inspector arriving on-site. Forms»

Rooftop Assessments - We are in the process of conducting rooftop assessments on all high-rise buildings.  These assessments determine where firefighters could be dropped-in if necessary, the location of any standpipes (fire hose connections), and the location of doors and stairwells. An appropriate landing zone, on the ground, is also being identified.  This landing zone could be used to load and unload additional firefighters, as needed, and unload evacuated building personnel in case of emergency.

Operations High-Rise Task Force:

Battalion 1 Chiefs  (3 one per shift)
Fire Stations 1, 3, 4, 6, 8,  9 & 61 

  • 55 Firefighters
  • 8 Engines
  • 3 Ladders
  • 3 Rescues
  • 5 Specialty Vehicles
    • 1 Vent Truck - equipped with a giant fan that would help move smoke 
    • 1 High-rise Truck - equipped with the unique equipment only needed in high-rises
    • Squad 8 - designed for "heavy" rescues such as building collapses & bomb threats
    • HazMat 4 - equipped to respond to incidents involving hazardous materials
    • Car 957 - a Captain staffed response vehicle acting in a consulting position for technical and hazardous incidents

Fire Prevention High-Rise Task Force:

  • 1 Fire Marshal
  • 1 Deputy Chief
  • 1 Fire Captain
  • 1 Fire Protection Engineer
  • 4 Fire inspectors

Success Stories

In conjunction with the Building Owner's & Managers Association of Greater  Phoenix (BOMA of Phoenix) we are developing a master calendar for building owners and managers to schedule high-rise evacuation drills, joint drills with fire operations (the fire truck guys) and building occupants and floor warden training.  Training can be scheduled on this calendar regardless of who conducts the training.  Fire Department operational drills will also be scheduled on the calendar. Fire prevention inspections can be pre-scheduled a year in advance on the master calendar.  Inspection schedules (annually, biennially or triennially) will be determined based on the risk factors of each facility agreed upon by both the Fire Prevention and the High-Rise Task Force.

You can contact the Phoenix Fire Department High-Rise Team @ pfd.hi.rise@phoenix.gov or call 602-261-8026.

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