State Lobbyist RFP

The following firms submitted proposals and are being interviewed for the 2013 legislative consulting services RFP for water, wastewater and environmental issues:

  • Policy AZ
  • Public Policy Partners
  • Ulmer Consulting LLC / Burch & Cracchiolo
  • R&R Partners
  • Dorn Policy Group, Inc.

The following are the members of the evaluation committee:

  • Tom Remes, Government Relations
  • John Wayne Gonzales, Government Relations
  • Cliff Neal, Water Resources Management Advisor
  • Kathryn Sorensen, Water Services Director
  • Phil McNeely, Environmental Programs Manager/Sustainability Officer
  • Ginger Spencer, Special Assistant to the City Manager

Please be advised that the Transparency Policy described in Section I of the RFP is still in effect. Proposers that violate the Transparency Policy are subject to disqualification.