Building Affordable Housing

Annually, the City of Phoenix Housing Department publicly calls for affordable housing proposals through a Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) or Call For Interest (CFI) for the purpose of identifying housing development projects which meet the City Council housing priorities and which require additional funds to cover a gap in the financing of the project. Funds are made available as loans to for-profit and non-profit partners who develop affordable housing units. Loans are made according to City Council approved Underwriting Guidelines which are available in the links below. Links to other documents needed by the developer to apply for City funds are also available below. Funding notices are published in the Arizona Republic or on the City's website at

Funding notices and other Housing Department information is also available to those who subscribe to the Community Partner List Serve.


  1. Affordable Housing Loan Program Funding Application
  2. Loan Application for Rehabilitation of City Leveraged Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing Loan Program and Underwriting Guidelines

  1. Attachment A: Standard Underwriting Assumptions for Affordable Multifamily Rental or Special Needs Loans
  1. Attachment B: Standard Underwriting Assumptions for Homeownership Project Loans
  2. Attachment C: Standard Underwriting Assumptions for Preserving Affordable Housing – Rehabilitation Loans for Non-Profit Developers of Affordable Housing
  3. Attachment D: Developer Fee Guidelines for Affordable Multifamily Rental Projects
  4. Attachment E: Developer Fee Guidelines for Special Needs Projects
  5. Attachment F: Environmental Reviews
  6. Attachment G: Rent, Affordability & Occupancy Limits
  8. Minimum Property Standards

  9. 2014 HOME Fact Sheet (PDF)

  10. 2014 Median Income table (PDF)
  11. 2014 Utility Allowances (PDF)
  12. Tab U -- Proforma Workbook
  13. Section 3 for Contractors(PDF)
  14. Affordable Housing Community Priorities
  15. Understanding the Environmental Review Process