Filing a Complaint

Process to File a Barking Dog Criminal Charge

1. Talk to your neighbor.

2. Attempt mediation.  For mediation, contact Arizona Summit Law School. PLEASE NOTE:  Effective   March 1, 2013, mediation will be required before a criminal complaint will be considered.

3. Document dates and times when dog(s) are barking.

4. Download petition information form.

5. Obtain signatures of at least 3 parties (no more than 2 of the parties may reside at the same residence).


6. Gather dated evidence (other than a micro cassette) such as thumb drives, videos, audio tapes, or written log of habitual barking incidents.

7. Mail original petition, information form, and any evidence to the City Prosecutor's Office (Please keep a copy of this petition): 

P. O. BOX 4500
PHOENIX AZ 85030-4500

8. Mediation will be required at this stage, if not previously attempted.

9. When the prosecutor has prepared the complaint, you will need to appear before a judge to sign the complaint.

10. You will receive notification by mail regarding case status, including if the case is resolved.

11. If the case set to trial, you will need to appear and testify.