Domestic Violence Safety Plan

The following also is provided in Spanish. Lo siguiente tambien es provisto en EspaƱol. If you need help in preparing to leave an abusive situation, you can download the Domestic Violence Safety Plan brochure in English or Spanish.


24-Hour Hotlines

For local shelter: (602) 263-8900 or 1-800-799-7739
National hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

Safety at home

When abuser is there: 

  • Stay out of rooms with no exit.
  • Avoid rooms that may have weapons.
  • Select a code word that alerts friends and children to call police.
  • Leave suitcase and checklist items with a friend.

When abuser has moved out:

  • Obtain an order of protection.
  • Change locks on doors and windows.
  • Insert a peephole in the door.
  • Change telephone number, screen calls and block caller ID.
  • Install/increase outside lighting.
  • Consider getting a dog.
  • Inform landlord or neighbor of situation, and ask that police be called if abuser is seen around the house.

Safety at work

What to do:

  • Tell your employer.
  • Give security a photo of abuser and order of protection.
  • Screen your calls.
  • Have an escort to your car or bus.
  • Vary your route home.
  • Consider a cell phone for your car.
  • Carry a noisemaker or personal alarm.

Protecting your children

  • Plan and rehearse an escape route with your children.
  • If it is safe, teach them a code word to call 911, and how to use a public telephone.
  • Let school personnel know to whom children can be released.
  • Give school personnel a photo of abuser.
  • Warn school personnel not to divulge your address and phone number.

Getting an order of protection

  • Call (602) 506-SELF (7353) to learn about an order of protection and injunction against harassment.
  • Call the Police to get an immediate Order of Protection.
  • Keep your order with you at ALL times, and give copies to family, friends, schools, employers, and babysitters.


  • Go to an emergency room if you need medical help.
  • Take pictures of bruises and injuries.

List of Arizona Shelters


  • Legal Advocacy Hotline: (602) 279-2900
  • Older Adults: (602) 264-HELP (4357)

Feel free to copy and distribute this information as needed. It is available in alternative formats by contacting (602) 254-6300.