Youth Engagement

Student WorkerYouth in Phoenix are the next generation of civic leaders, and we need to make sure our kids are engaged in their communities to create a strong future for our city.

In addition to many of the education programs our city is spearheading for youth, I know youth employment is also a valuable experience for work in future professional environments. That’s why Wells Fargo regional president for Arizona Pam Conboy and I brought together business partners to offer professional experiences and employment opportunities for Phoenix teens.

Wells Fargo, PetsMart, Pepsi and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona agreed to provide youth with jobs over the summer, although some could potentially lead to longer-term employment with benefits, and many jobs include training. For example, Wells Fargo is providing training in managing personal finances and banking.

City of Phoenix also provides funding for summer youth jobs.  Phoenix has had a strong history of support for its summer youth employment program for youth ages 16 to 21 and committed $250,000 for training and jobs.  Youth applying for the city’s program will have the opportunity to work from July 1 to August 2 and will be paid the minimum wage of $7.80 per hour.  These youth will work with participating businesses and organizations.  This is a no-cost benefit to employers while providing valuable professional experiences.

For additional information regarding City of Phoenix programs and services for youth, please visit the Youth and Teen Programs webpage.