Update to Stormwater Policy Manual Available Online

Jan. 23, 2014

City of Phoenix InformationThe Phoenix Street Transportation Department wants to inform construction companies and design firms that the latest version of its Stormwater Policies and Standards Manual is available online at phoenix.gov/streets/reference/swmanual.html.

The manual provides guidance on managing the flow of stormwater, drainage, and floodplain areas, so that water is dealt with according to appropriate state and federal regulations. The manual was updated in December 2013, with the prior version issued in April 2011.

"Especially in a desert community like Phoenix, where water is a valuable resource, and ground conditions can prompt sudden flooding, up-to-date policies help us to build safer streets and more sustainable communities," said Street Transportation Department Director Wylie Bearup.

Stormwater is a term for runoff, typically from rainfall. In cities like Phoenix stormwater is often prevented from being absorbed into the ground by non-porous surfaces like streets, sidewalks and other construction. Effective and updated stormwater policies help to prevent stormwater-related pollution such as sediment accumulation, algae blooms and the buildup of debris.

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