Councilman Daniel T. Valenzuela's Statement on Immigration Reform

Jan. 29, 2013

Daniel Valenzuela Head shot for News Releases

Caption:Councilman Daniel T. Valenzuela

“Today President Obama presented his vision for fixing our broken immigration system in an expedited manner.  I commend the president for his call for fast action, to reunify – rather than tear apart – families, and to reinvigorate, rather than hobble, our still fragile economy.  We have invested time and money to educate millions of bright and hopeful young people and it is in our best interest as a country to retain their talents and skills to help grow and diversify our economy.  I support comprehensive immigration reform that explores this and every other aspect of our current system.  I also support our federal government’s role in protecting us against criminals and terrorist threats – this is in the best interest of all.  I am optimistic that this issue that has crippled our economy, torn-apart families, depleted local public safety resources, and stifled the educational opportunities of millions can be resolved in the best interest of our city, state and country.”

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