Mayor Advances 100-Day Plan

March 6, 2012

Greg Stanton for News Releases

Caption:     Mayor Greg Stanton

Mayor Greg Stanton fulfilled two more parts of his 100-day plan today when the city council approved two measures aimed at moving Phoenix’s economy forward. 

Stanton and the council passed a program to enhance local and small businesses’ participation for city procurements and approved a streamlined way for businesses to submit plans electronically to the city.

“These are two important city plans I wanted to implement from day one to do our part in helping Phoenix businesses succeed and boost our economy and jobs,” Stanton said. “Local sourcing is key for our homegrown businesses and new technology speeds up the process so we can build upon Phoenix’s rising economy.”

Stanton thanked city manager David Cavazos and the city council for pursuing the electronic plan review and the procurement program in 2011 and seeing it to its approval today, as well as Local First Arizona executive director Kimber Lanning for relentlessly fighting for local and small businesses.

"I am thrilled to see Mayor Stanton taking a leadership role on such an important issue,” said Kimber Lanning, executive director of Local First Arizona, a statewide non-profit acting on behalf of 2,000 local businesses.  “Awarding more contracts to Arizona companies is a sure-fire way to create jobs. The business community appreciates these efforts.”

Stanton promised to fight for local businesses as Mayor and worked with the city and business leaders to push the procurement enhancement, which will allow them to compete for city business for goods and services contracts under $50,000. Stanton also supported a streamlined system of the electronic submittal of building plans.

“This is a win-win for architects and the city when it comes to building plans,” said Patrick Panetta, president of the American Institute of Architects, Arizona chapter. “This is another tool architects can utilize to offer clients greater value. Not only does it save money in the long term, but also it eliminates the tedious process of printing and delivering paper sets and creates a more flexible delivery method.”

Stanton said the two items put Phoenix out front to regain steam and move into a successful future.

“Phoenix is rising out of a recession and gaining speed with jobs, the economy and innovation,” Stanton said. “At the city, we have to keep pace and move ahead with our businesses for a strong economic future.”

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