Mayor on Bus Strike: 'Resolve so City Can Move Forward'

March 10, 20

Greg Stanton for News Releases

Caption:     Mayor Greg Stanton

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton released the following statement Saturday about the transit bus strike due to a failure by Veolia Transportation Services and Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1433 to do their jobs:

“While the city doesn’t manage bus drivers, it becomes my business when our city’s workers and residents can’t get to work or to the doctor, shop at our local businesses or use clean energy transit. Bus passengers shouldn’t be punished because the two parties involved refuse to work together to find a solution. Phoenicians are the innocent victims being harmed by Veolia and ATUL 1433.

“I have worked with the city council to approve a contract with former Arizona Supreme Court Justice Ruth McGregor to act as mediator for the two sides. I can’t think of anyone of her stature more qualified to come to a mutually agreeable solution.

“At a time when Phoenix is rising from a fierce recession and gaining speed with jobs, the economy, and innovation, we don’t need more roadblocks. We need to keep moving forward. This kind of unresolved issue, resulting in a strike will only slow us down.

“I have made this clear to both sides. I fully expect that they will stop the quarreling, get a grasp on the big picture and resolve this issue so our city’s residents can continue to live their lives, utilize our bus service and continue the momentum this city has to recover and succeed.

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