Statement From Councilman Valenzuela re: Immigration Policy Change

June 15, 2012

Daniel Valenzuela Head shot for News Releases

Caption:             Councilman       Daniel Valenzuela

The President’s executive order strengthens our position on the world stage as a country where compassion, fairness and justice prevail, said Councilman Daniel Valenzuela.  We are not a country that punishes young people who have found their lives embedded in a country they are being told is not their own, and promised ‘liberty and justice for all.’

These young people have worked diligently to become educated and are an asset to our workforce and community.  Many have achieved so much, including advanced degrees and careers in service to their communities.  Some have even risked their lives in defense of our country, knowing that at any moment they could be giving the ultimate sacrifice to a country that does not recognize them.  

I know first hand the strength, courage and determination of these young people, as many of us do. They are our neighbors and our friends.  Today’s announcement is not about amnesty or immunity, it is about humanity.  These young people will now have the opportunity to contribute at an even higher level to our communities and our country.  They will now have the chance to step into the light and be counted for the first time in their lives.

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