Statement from Councilman Valenzuela re: President Obama's Visit to Phoenix

Aug. 6, 2013

Daniel Valenzuela Head shot for News Releases

“Today President Obama unveiled his five-point plan to continue the housing rebound in a smart, sustainable way.  As a vocal advocate for comprehensive immigration reform, I was encouraged to hear the President include this issue as a vital part of his plan to foster continued growth in our housing market.  As an elected official and chair of the city’s Neighborhoods, Housing and Development Subcommittee, it was humbling to hear the President acknowledge Phoenix as part of 'ground zero' for the housing market collapse - as many of us know all too well - and praise us for our efforts as a community to rise once again.   I commend the President for his passion to ensure quality housing for all - whether it is home ownership or a rental opportunity - and for acknowledging our city's efforts to end chronic homelessness for our veterans by the year 2014.  We have accomplished great things but we still have many miles to go.  With the President's inspiring plan, as well as our strategic planning at the local level, our housing market will be on solid ground once again."


-- Councilman Daniel T. Valenzuela