Transparency Efforts Add Financial Disclosure Statements to City Website

Aug. 27, 2012

Greg Stanton for News Releases

Caption:      Mayor Greg Stanton

As part of Mayor Greg Stanton’s efforts to make the City of Phoenix more transparent, current financial disclosure statements for city elected officials now are available on

The transparency efforts pushed by Stanton and the city council were implemented by the Phoenix city clerk’s office, and the disclosure documents can now be accessed at under “Services.”

“I have made it a priority to bring transparency to city government because openness and accountability is good for taxpayers and good for the city,” Stanton said. “This information should be easy to access for the public, and that’s what we accomplished by going online.”

All candidates for office must file a financial disclosure statement, which discloses personal financial information. Incumbent elected officers must also file a statement annually in January for each year they hold office. In 2013, financial disclosure statements for candidates for city office also will be posted here. One of Stanton’s goals as mayor is to bring more transparency to the City of Phoenix. So far, the Mayor has:

  • Changed the time of formal city council meetings to evenings to make it easier for the public to attend.
  • Given up his monthly show on PHX11 to televise city council formal and zoning meetings.
  • Announced he will not support nominees for city boards and commissions whose primary job is working as a paid lobbyist.
  • Implemented a plan with the city council to broadcast subcommittee meetings live.

In addition to the financial disclosure statements posted online, registered lobbyist information now also is online, including reports identifying all registered lobbyists and their client organizations; however, the city clerk and the information technology services department is working to develop database functions and search capabilities for easier accessibility and will update this function in the future.

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