Phoenix on Track to Surpass Innovation and Efficiency Savings Goals

Sept. 18, 2013

City Hall Obelisk with StarburstCity Manager David Cavazos is excited to announce that the city of Phoenix is expected to surpass its Innovation and Efficiency savings goal of $100 million by 2015, well ahead of schedule. Current savings to date total $89 million, which includes $7.3 million in additional savings from changes recommended in this year’s Organizational Review process. Cavazos implemented this process in 2009 when the city faced a $277 million dollar shortfall as a result of the recession. It was a way to organize for success by working together to use city resources more efficiently.

“The fact that we have exceeded our savings goals at each step along the way is a true testament to the culture of innovation and efficiency at the City of Phoenix,” said City Manager David Cavazos. “I am grateful to our hard-working employees and the leadership of the mayor and city council for their commitment to the mission.”

The Innovation and Efficiency Task Force, created in 2010, continues to find ways to enhance savings and will continue to present those recommendations to the mayor and city council in phases. In 2012, the city manager proposed a savings goal of $100 million to be reached by 2015, which was approved by the city council.

"We continue to push ourselves, on behalf of the taxpayers, to explore every possible avenue to save money - and the hard work is paying off," said Vice Mayor Bill Gates, chairman of the City Council Finance Efficiency and Economy Subcommittee.  "We are on track to reach our aggressive goal, and the best part, it's not just a one time savings - this will be a yearly savings for our taxpayers."

In its fourth year, Phoenix’s Organizational Review savings will total more than $20 million. The City of Phoenix recently received the 2013 Alliance for Innovation “Outstanding Achievement in Local Government” award for the Organizational Review Process.

City Manager David Cavazos presented an update to the Finance Efficiency and Economy Subcommittee at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, September 18, 2013, at Phoenix City Hall in the first floor atrium assembly rooms. The meeting also was streamed live at

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