Stanton, Gates Statement: 'Bottled Water Policy Needed to Change'

Oct. 3, 2012

Mayor Greg Stanton and City Councilman Bill Gates issued the following statements today on the city’s change to handing out free bottled water:

“This is the right policy change for our city. With the climate we have in Phoenix, we should not be discouraging the community from handing out free bottles of water. A change needed to happen; it’s just common sense, and we led by working together to make that change.”

– Mayor Greg Stanton

“While policies and ordinances are created with the best interest of the overall public in mind, at times, an issue will arise that brings attention to a policy we can improve to better serve the public.  One of the great things about the City of Phoenix is that we are willing to recognize these issues and make positive changes for the community as a result.  Allowing the distribution of free bottles of water is a positive change.”

– Councilman Bill Gates

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